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Fastcore / Sludge
from Tel Aviv-ISR
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MooM’s third Ep will be released this summer on LIXIVIAT Records in a heavy black wax 7” edition.
Be prepared for some fast punk powerviolence VS sludgy hardcore from the fastest band from Tel Aviv, Israël.

With members of Not On Tour, The Orions, Zaga Zaga… FFO : Eyehategod, Infest, Brutal Truth, Weekend Nachos…

Since the band creation, as they are quite a young band, they already toured Europe and played festivals like Obscene Extreme. They will be on tour again this summer for the release of the vinyl and will play at Fluff Fest alongside WARFUCK and Ona Snop don’t miss them !

MooM is
Sima – Vocals (Not On Tour)
Ez Ra – Guitar (The Orions, Ex – Dirk Diggler)
Gad – Bass (Ex – Tea With Satan)
Heshbon – Drums (Zaga Zaga)


Ona Snop

Fastcore / Power Violence
from Leeds-UK
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ONA SNOP’s first album GEEZER

ONA SNOP’s new album GEEZER will be out this summer through LIXIVIAT Records!

As contrived and absurd as it seemed, we all knew that this day would eventually come. Refrigerate the Holstens, draw for the baggie, bust out the mustard, and prepare to respect it: it’s time for GEEZER, the debut LP from loveable idiots ONA SNOP.

Twenty minutes of unrelenting disorientation sees these foolish scamps recklessly tear through 18 brand-new tracks of freaky fastcore to keep your head banging and your mind boggling.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Ian Boult at Stuck On A Name Recording Studio, Nottingham and artwork by T Bare McClough.

The new generation of Leeds’s power violence at its best with members of The Afternoon Gentlemen, Lugubrious Children, Famine…! FFO: Lack of Interest, Quill, Backslider & Archagathus…

Ona Snop is
Kallum: Vokills
Henroy: Guitar
Joe K: Bass
Jorge: Drums



Grindcore / Powerviolence
from Lyon-Fr
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Hørdür‘s first Lp was released in January 2019 on LIXIVIAT Records in a heavy black wax 12” edition.
Behold their full length made of 20 grind songs for 23 minutes, melted with a lot of extreme metal/punk influences ranging from death to black.

With members of Karcavul, Michel Anoia, Lovgun, Baka, Mental Hygiene, ex-Whoresnation

FFO :Discordance Axis /Sayyadina / Spazz / Lack of Interest…

After a first french tour with the mighty Uhl (fr), they toured East Europe during fall of 2018 along with Satan (fr).

Chris – Vocals
Ben – Guitar / Vocals
Ugo – Drums


Power Duo Grindcore
from Lyon-FR
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WARFUCK This Was Supposed To Be Fun

WARFUCK’s new album THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN will be released on May 14th 2018 through LIXIVIAT Records.

The french power duo grindcore band, touring like maniacs around the world since 2012, take dishes out unrelenting, hi-speed blast-beats, intense hardcore breakdowns tight, sick drumming and weird, dissonant riffs.

For their third album, the band has brought their music to the next level and released their strongest work to date with THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, recorded, reamped, mixed and engineered by Serge Spiga at The Clockwork (Cremation, live sound engineer for Conan, Monolord, Grinding Delemont Festival, Yob, Electric Wizard, Cephalic Carnage…), mastered by Dan Swano at Unisound Studio Nasum, Bloodbath, Millencolin, Incantation, Coldworker, Dark Funeral…), produced by their own new label LIXIVIAT Records. Artwork direction by the tortured soul of Hugo Charpentier (Mauvaise Foi Editions).

This mammoth record, including 15 songs in 23 min, features their strongest songwriting to date – while also delivering their most bone crushing breakdowns yet and terrifying, break neck speed.  Prepare for grinding ear rape…

Warfuck is
Nico on guitar & vocal
Mak on drums & back vocals