Hørdür‘s first Lp will be released this end of 2018 on LIXIVIAT Records in a heavy black wax 12” edition.
Behold their full length made of 20 grind songs for 23 minutes, melted with a lot of extreme metal/punk influences ranging from death to black.

With members of Karcavul, Michel Anoia, Lovgun, Baka, Mental Hygiene, ex-Whoresnation

FFO :Discordance Axis /Sayyadina / Spazz / Lack of Interest…

After a first french tour with the mighty Uhl (fr), they’ll be on tour in East Europe this fall of 2018 along with Satan (fr).

Hørdür is

Chris – Vocals
Ben – Guitar / Vocals
Ugo – Drums


1. Dixcrix
2. La Cité des Truites
3. La Veille des Vierges
4. Les Pérédis
5. Eglise Cathodique
6. Skiduu Giluu
7. Famine Nombreuse
8. Speed Herman (No Speed, No Herman)
9. Peinard et Mouillé
10. Face à la Merde
11. Justice des Fossés
12. Renard des Surfaces
13. Soleil Mort
14. En Civières
15. 100 Permis (Manu Manoeuvre)
16. Sobre et Minable
17. My Mate is a Club Mate
18. Radio Frite Fraîche
19. Sale Ambiance
20. Veau d’Or Dur