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Call the Cops is an italian Crust punk band formed in 2013 in Bologna.

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Call the Cops is an italian Crust punk band formed in 2013 in Bologna with members of No White Rag, Intothebaobab, Headed Nowhere and Reprisal.

Recorded at No Way Studio, Mixed and mastered by Grug and Marconcio.

Artwork by Simon Chognot.

This album was released in 2016 on Veghangover Production, Maniac Attack Records, Unleashed Noise Records, Schwinigx Records, Distrozione, Rotten Inc. (2), Warhead Punx Records, Callthecopsrecords, Rollo Alla Records, Terror Tubbies, Subzine Records, Back To The Boots, PoGohai Records, Ffud Rec, Killer Bananas, Spit It Out, Rumagna Sgroza, Zone Alternative, Nuclear Chaos, Grita O Muere Records, Fallen Crow Records, Bomb-All Records, Keponteam, Ronce Records, Stop Crudity Aggression Records, Heresia Records, NKTN Rehorz, Kalashnikov Collective, Dis-Šröt Records, Svoboda Records, Red Wine Rites Records, Death Crush, Byllepest Distro, Blackout Kollektiv, TVxHC, Stray Dog, Riot Carrots, Bones On Toast Records !!

Bastards LP by Call the Cops

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