Rageous Intent / Horsebastard – Split


Rageous Intent is a grindcore band from Spain. Horsebastard is a Uk grindcore.

Split released in 2016.

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Rageous Intent is a grindcore band from Spain playing since 2012. With members of Denak. They recorded this split in November 2015 at Holy Tubes.

Horsebastard is a Uk grindcore/ “Equestrian Blastcore” band from Liverpool playing since 2014. With members of Chin Sniffer, Corrupt Moral Altar. They recorded this spli in September 2015 at Drop The Dumbulls.

Released in 2016 on Primitive Noise, Mono Canibal, ¡ZAS! Autoproduzioni, Humanicide Records, Vleesklak Records, Rip Roaring Shit Storm Records.

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