“Right now after some quit years there is a new wave of kids in the punk scene.  A lot of new bands formed and there are many shows mainly in TEL AVIV and HAIFA.  Both cities have their D.I.Y spaces.”

While they’ve just released their killer third EP and toured Europe this summer (Fluff Fest…), we took time to ask few questions to this lovely crew of punks from Tel Aviv.

* How came the idea to start MooM ?
We all know each other from the punk scene for quite a long time. There were many unsuccessful attempts to form MooM in past time but eventually only the four souls with the truest dedication to bad taste and extreme music made it happen.


* What does « MooM » stand for ?
The closest translation to English will be Defect. For us it symbolized   the disadvantages of being born into this reality while being awake to its greed and corruption.


* How was the recording session for this EP ?
Recordings is a very organic and yet messy part of our activity.
We do all our recordings ourselves, usually in the same space that we rehearse. This gives the freedom to experiment our own sounds, on the other hand it leaves us very lazy towards deadlines.

We record everything live and on top of it we add a layer of guitar and vocals.

* What are your next tour plans ?
Making a tour plan haha But don’t be surprised if you see us through out Europe in summer-autumn of 2019.


* Do you have side-projects ?
We’ve  all been very active in countless bands in last 10 years. Right know Heshbon plays in ZAGA ZAGA and LUCY’S PUSSY historical punk band from the 90′. Ezra plays Bass in a surf band called THE ORIONS while he and gad play in a band called TURBO TORPEDO.  Sima sings in NOT ON TOUR and at her first steps in her HIP HOP career.


* How is the scene in Tel Aviv (shows, labels, bands…) ?
Right now after some quit years there is a new wave of kids in the punk scene.  A lot of new bands formed and there are many shows mainly in TEL AVIV and HAIFA.  Both cities have their D.I.Y spaces.



* Which bands do you like the most at the moment and people should listen to ?
Any styles. Some random stuff that runs on our playlist.


New EP still available on 7′ on our website & Bandcamp

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