MooM’s third Ep will be released this summer on LIXIVIAT Records in a heavy black wax 7” edition.
It will be LXV003, be prepared for some fast punk powerviolence vs sludgy hardcore from one of the only fast band from Tel Aviv, Israël.

Here you’ll find an exclusive song from the upcoming release :

MooM includes members of Not On Tour and The Orions, go check them !

FFO : Eyehategod, Infest, Brutal Truth, Weekend Nachos…

Since the band creation, as they are quite a young band, they already toured Europe and played festivals like Obscene Extreme. They will be on tour again this summer for the release of the vinyl and will play at Fluff Fest alongside WARFUCK and Ona Snop don’t miss them !

While we’re waiting for this release to come, you can still find their two previous Eps combined on one 7” in our store :…/…/vinyl7/moom-1st-2nd-ep/