This is a “back to basics” new arrival and restock from discs we have listened a lot thanks to Bones Brigade Records, Grinding Rebellion Records & more, welcome to:

  • The best disc ever recorded by Chiens (and a super cover from Jubs Contraseptik Tatoo), the finest and most aggressive power trio you will propably listen.
  • Lifespite / Fucking Invincible, this two “all stars bands” (Dropdead, Reproach, Blind TO Faith, Citizens Patrol, Daughters, Soul Control) have met on this piece of wax to offer a harshly negative hardcore that will take you down.
  • Re-issue of the first Weekend Nachos album for their last tour 2 years ago, a classic!
  • Tuer = nowadays fastest grindcore band from Switzerland, a must with double vocals, loud basses and smiles on their faces. This is mint.
  • TAG Crew “history of violence”, a hip hop trip from the streets of Leeds (Uk) by The Afternoon Gentlemen released on a classy orange transparent flexi 7′. More seriously, we also have new copies of TAG’s last masterpiece, “a history of violence” but this time with blast-beats included.
  • My Man Mike, second album released by the South Korean power trio (actually they are respectively from FR, USA & South Korea), a subtil mix of powerviolence, catchy riffs & hyper active vocals duet
  • Time to talk of The Arson Project, the swedish new generation of grindcore, hardocre/punk who have destroyed all Europe last summer with this new album (and first full-lenght) “23min of harsh audio violence – Mixing grind, hardcore, metal & punk with a furious overdose of misanthropic hate. FFO: Cursed, Dead in the dirt, His hero is gone, Masakari…”
  • About Brutal Truth, we’d better don’t talk too much as everything is said in the title “Evolution In One Take: For Grindfreaks Only ! Volume 2”, a very good album from the US masters, for fan of raw grindcore.
  • Coke Bust / Despised You, a split between two of the best powerviolence acts from th US.

As always, cheap shipping worldwide. Have some good holydays & support your local dealers.