We are pleased to present you with our new record label! As fans of alternative & extreme music, our aim is to distribute and promote records that we feel passionate about. In our e-store you will find an eclectic variety of artists from different styles. On tap are a mix of vinyls, cds, tapes & and some second-hand stuff from our boxes/collections.

As we are just starting, new items will be added in the weeks to come. If you are a band and/or a label and you would be interested in working with us, feel free to contact us – we would be happy to collaborate.

Also, we will launch a newsletter. Don’t forget to subscribe if you would like to be updated from time to time.

Our first release as a label will be announced in early 2018…

Hørdür & Satan on Tour

We're gonna be on tour together with Hørdür & Satan for an eastern Euro Tour. It will be for the release of our new album Húbris. Handmade collage by Hørdür....

Warfuck & Whoresnation on tour

We'll hit the road together with Warfuck & Whoresnation for an eastern Euro Tour with Bloody Juice Entertainement, This Was Supposed To Be Mephitic Tour.