LIXIVIAT Records has started as a label with the aim to help bands in any possible ways. Recently we’ve teamed up with bookers involved in the scene to start working on a new project : LIXIVIAT Booking. For any offer/request, please contact Aurélien.


Death Grindcore Punk / Lyon-France

This new grind trio is a “super-band” made with members of Karcavul, Michel Anoia, Lovgun, Nelson Montfort Orchestra, ex-Whoresnation… They play a grindcore tainted with a lot of extreme metal/punk influences ranging from death to black.

Behold their first full length made of 20 grind songs for 23 minutes who’s released on 11 european independent labels. The visual identity of the band is made by them with handmade collages.

Since the creation of the band, they already played in Europe during alongside with bands such as Feastem, Farsas, Meth Leppard, Warfuck, Whorsenation… They already went to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovaquia, Hungaria & Greece.

A new album is coming…


Power Duo Grindcore / Lyon-France

The non-stop-touring power duo grindcore band performed more than 300 shows worldwide since their first release in 2012 (Japan, Mexico, Turkey & almost all Europe/Estern Europe).

“We are left with a band who just rage, be it in bone crushing breakdowns or frightening fast passages.”

They take dishes out unrelenting, hi-speed blast-beats, intense hardcore breakdowns tight, sick drumming and weird, dissonant riffs.

Their third album THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, released in May 2018, has brought the band to the next level working with Serge Spiga (live engineer for Conan, Monolord, Cephalic Carnage, Yob…), Dan Swano (Nasum, Bloodbath, Millencolin, Incantation, Dark Funeral…) and Hugo Charpentier (Mauvaise Foi Éditions).

Since May 2018, they have toured the world with more than 60 shows in 6 months in Japan, Russia, Iceland, Uk, Greece, Europe (from Germany to Romania, through Czech Republic or Estonia…) playing with Antigama, Massgrav, Whoresnation.

A new album is coming…


666bpm Death Punk / Besancon Jura France

Grindcore has many sides, some are rather focussing on painful atmospheres, others on brutality or speed, WHORESNATION decided to target all these features.
Spawned in 2009 in the east part of France, this three piece band regurgitates an intense mix of Grindcore and Death Metal, a raw and straight to the point reverence to the great names of the genre.

Recently, after almost ten years of experience and hate-energy encapsulation, WHORESNATION recorded its latest full length, the first release as a three piece, « Mephitism » recently released by Throatruiner Records an repress by LIXIVIAT Records.

The band is willing to excite the darkest of the aspects of life, harsh-musically as well as mindly, WHORESNATION drags in its wake a dark and oppressive atmosphere while disclaiming pessimistic focus on life and vomiting a raging hate toward capitalist system.

An abrasive operation built to grind constructed through years of hard work, multiple line-up changes, touring at a sustained pace and love for Grindcore have created a speed monster.

A new album is coming…

And... We're Booking DIY shows in Lyon-France !

– Extreme shows for extreme people –

Together with some friends, we are booking DIY shows in Lyon – France
under the name of D7C (for Dirty Seven Conspiracy) since 2011.

More infos on : dirtysevenconspiracy.blogspot.com