Grindcore legend
from East-FR

For 30 years now, Blockheads have set a course on the heart of original grindcore. Call it old school, call it political, all in all, they sticked to the idea of criticizing and analyzing the world as it is: cold, oppressive, and bleak.

New album TRIP TO THE VOID now available.


Power Trio Grindcore
from Lyon/Besançon/Montpellier-FR

CIVILIAN THROWER is a all star raw grind band with members of Hordur, Lovgun, Morbid Scum & Whoresnation.

Civilian Thrower - Instruments of Demo-lition




Grind / Sludge / D-beat
from Les Vosges / Fr

Started in 2010 in hte north east of France, this three piece band mixes grind, dbeat and sludge to unleash groovy & brutal punk patternes.

Doomsisters - Combattre leur Idée de l'Ordre

Doomsisters is
Mounet – Vokills
Mitch – Riffs
Dave – Blast-beats

Feastem - Avaritia Humanae


Plutonium powered Grindcore / Punk
from Helsinki-Fin

Started in 2005, for the love of grind. Faster than most / Pissed off / Social Injustice.
FFO : Scandinavian grindcore & cold metal.

Feastem – Grayard Earth (2020)

Petri Eskelinen – vocals
Olli Nokkala – guitars
Niko Lainas – bass
Patrik Fält – drums


Powerviolence / Fastcore
from Las Vegas-USA

Powerviolence trio from Las Vegas, mixing grindcore & hardcore as fast as possible.
Good vibes all round !

MooM / God’s America – Split (2019)


Grindcore / Powerviolence
from Lyon-Fr

Behold their full length made of 20 grind songs for 23 minutes, melted with a lot of extreme metal/punk influences ranging from death to black. With members of Karcavul, Michel Anoia, Lovgun, Baka, Mental Hygiene, ex-Whoresnation

FFO :Discordance Axis /Sayyadina / Spazz / Lack of Interest…

HØRDÜR - Hubris - 2018

Chris – Vocals
Ben – Guitar / Vocals
Ugo – Drums


Cartel Del Grind / Death
from DF-Mexico

Raging grindcore tainted with death metal and tight drumming. They toured at least 4 times in Europe and killed it in the fests (Obscene Extrem, Fekal Party, Antinational Festival…). Also, main actors of the unfamous Cartel Del Grind !

Warfuck / Into Sickness – Split (2019)

Into Sickness is
Trix- Vocals
Kriz Ramirez – Guitars/Vocals
Roger Navarro – Drums
(El Cardenal – Bass)


Hardcore / Povverviolence
from Tours-FR

LØVVE strikes again with a second full-length album full of rage & energy. A perfect mix of break-your-neck riffs & hurried beats. It’s when punk-hardcore fellas are so angry that they play powerviolence.

Tours (Fr) hardcore at its finest : Verbal Razor, Sueurs Froides, Ed Warner (RIP), Alma…

Mental Hygiene Terrorism Orchestra

Noisegrind / Anti-Jazz
from Belfort-Fr

Noise orchestra founded in 2007 after the split of Vulgar Nausea. Basically : noisegrind with screaming saxophone. Line-up is somehow moving, bust most of time it’s a bass / drums / saxophone trio. A very small orchestra. FFO : Chaos & Hate eternal (not the band!)

Mental Hygiene Terrorism Orchestra – Hate Supreme (2019)

Lord Gonzo – Drums / Noise
El Jep – Bass
Ben Sim – Saxo / Trombone


Fastcore / Sludge
from Tel Aviv-ISR

MooM is a mix of short, fast and furious powerviolence with grindcore influences together with heavy sludge parts. See MooM live on a 25min set and smile all day long. One of the fastest band from Tel Aviv, Israël, with members of Not On Tour, The Orions, Zaga Zaga… FFO : Eyehategod, Infest, Brutal Truth, Weekend Nachos…

MooM / God’s America (2019)
MooM – Third EP (2018)

MooM is
Sima – Vocals (Not On Tour)
Ez Ra – Guitar (The Orions, Ex – Dirk Diggler)
Gad – Bass (Ex – Tea With Satan)
Heshbon – Drums (Zaga Zaga)


Powerviolence / Grindcore
from Leeds-UK

Freaky fastcore to keep your head banging and your mind boggling. The new hype from Leeds’s power violence at its best with members of The Afternoon Gentlemen, Lugubrious Children, Famine…! Check them live in USA & Europe, they’re playing all around. FFO: Lack of Interest, Quill, Backslider & Archagathus…

Ona Snop – Geezer (2018)

Ona Snop is
Wurz: Vokills
Henroy: Guitar
Joe K: Bass
Jorge: Drums

Sheeva Yoga

Powerviolence / Strange Sound
from Ostrava-CZ

Sheeva Yoga is a fastcore/powerviolence band started in 1997. This four piece band comes from Ostrava, Czech Republic. Classical Czech fastpunk for Gride lovers and dancing blast beats !

Sheeva Yoga - Vanitas Vanitatum



Power Duo Grindcore
from Lyon-FR

WARFUCK is a french power duo grindcore band, touring like maniacs around the world since 2012, taking dishes out unrelenting, hi-speed blast-beats, intense hardcore breakdowns tight, sick drumming and weird, dissonant riffs. Bone crushing breakdowns yet and terrifying, break neck speed.

Warfuck – This Was Supposed To Be Fun (2018)

Warfuck is
Nico on guitar & vocal
Mak on drums & back vocals


Death Punk / Grindcore / 666bpm
from Besançon / Jura-Fr

Spawned in 2009 in the east part of France, this three piece band regurgitates an intense mix of Grindcore and Death Metal, a raw and straight to the point reverence to the great names of the genre. La crème de la crème of french grindcore nowadays !

FFO : Insect Warfare & high speed !

Whoresnation – Mephitism (Repress 2019)

Whoresnation is
Pibe – Vokills
Lopin – Riffs
Tonio – Blast-beats