Lovgun - Bon Shit Bon Genre


Grinding since 2011, with members of Warfuck, Hordur, Civilian Thrower, La Hess (ect…), the three piece gets its inspiration from the Leeds PV scene and Czech grind scene.
Mixing intensity of fastcore and the rage of punk at high speed.

After 11 lazy years Lovgun returns ! Hasty and goofy grind ahead !
Oscillating between fastcore, grind and death metal, with it 20 frantic songs/12 minutes Bon Shit Bon Genre (literally “Fancy guys use good hash”) is all about surprises, absurdity and goudal’ vibes.

Released through LIXIVIAT Records (FR), NO TIME Records (USA), HECATOMBE Records (ESP) & LONERCULT Records (BE) on 12″ Lp, including special edition (+ details)

Bon Shit Bon Genre by LOVGUN



Additional information

Weight0.450 kg
Dimensions30 × 30 × 1 cm

Limited edition (marbled 2 colors), Black wax