"We were squashed into a shipping container with loads of people in Slovenia and it was minus-13 outside with six foot snowdrifts."

“We were squashed into a shipping container with loads of people in Slovenia and it was minus-13 outside with six foot snowdrifts.”

Before going on a small tour in France with Lovgun, Horsebastard took time to answer our questions, answers as stupid as their music is fast !

* Could you provide us your fav’ playlist at the moment ? What people should listen to while reading this interview ? (it’s forbidden to answer Horsebastard)

Watch/listen to these 3 vids in quick succession/simultaneously/on loop.. That’s where we’re at, all the time

* Can you please introduce your band : how did you start, what is/was the line-up, your discography, your past tours ?

The band was formed in Liverpool back in 2010 mainly to play fast and be idiots. With the original line up being:
Trip – Drums, Bob – Guitar, Steve – Bass and Johnboy – Vocals.. Reese joined on vocals in 2011 and I (Pete) joined on bass in 2012.

Our discography to date:

  • ‘Equestrian Blastcore’ demo CDr
  • ‘Giraffetermath’ MLP
  • ‘split with Noisebazooka’ EP
  • ‘split with Rageous Intent’ EP
  • ‘split with Ape Unit’ EP
  • and our ‘split with Retortion Terror’ EP is out soon!

Past tours have included: Infanticide (twice), Oblivionized, Cancerous Womb, Endless Swarm, Ona Snop, Ape Unit (twice) etc

* What do you have against horses? Something linked with what’s behind the labra-door ?

Against? Never. We am, if and of the horses at all times. The Manure Wars are coming, you have been warned. Once you’ve passed Through The Labra-Door we can frankly say that things will become a little ‘contraplinthian in the tabernacle’.. But that’s hardly unusual for this time of last year, especially next Tuesday evening.

* We saw that a new release is coming with Retortion Terror from Japan, can you tell us some more about it ?

It’s been a long time coming and will hopefully make you feel like a distressed swan defending its nest.. Music to hiss loudly, flap your arms and lunge wildly at an intruder to.

* We know the UK scene is pretty prolific in awesome grind bands, so you surely have some side projects, right ?

Some of the other active bands we currently play in include: Chinsniffer (noise/grind/pv/sludge), Crepitation (death/slam/grind), Dad (punk/pv) and Corrupt Moral Altar (heavy/heavy)..

* Is there other bands around, in which you don’t play, that we should know about ?

Endless Swarm, Gay Panic Defence, Droves, Ona Snop, Lugubrious Children, Fidget, Coproach, Lifewrecker, Nothing Clean, Nazi Killer, Hack Job, Human Cull, Atomck, Meth Camp etc etc

* What is the most memorable gig/live moment for Horsebastard so far ?

Probably when we were squashed into a shipping container with loads of people in Slovenia and it was minus-13 outside with six foot snowdrifts. The power went off just before we set up and it was touch and go whether we’d end up playing until they got a generator going and then everyone went mental.

* You seem to have a film director in your crew (producing a lot of weird videoclips for you), is he in the band ? Already working on the next plot ? Will “the Horsebastard” strike again ?

Bob is the auteur in question.. Another chapter of the documentary could surface when we release our LP.. A recent local legend persists that the beast with the head of a horse and the increasingly squamous body of a man was regularly spotted in the light of a gibbous moon on the outskirts of, leading to speculation he was now trapped in Pimbo..

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