Interview with DOOMSISTERS

” One time in Croatia, just before playing, I put my microphone in a garland without bulb. I felt completely knocked out. To finally see a dolphin during the night ! “

First, can you provide us your fav’ playlist at the moment? What people should listen to while reading this interview?

Can you please introduce your band : how did you start, what is/was the line-up, your discography, your past tours, highlights ?

We started as a five piece band in 2010, all coming from the punk rock scene, with a furious need to make a hardcore/fast/screaming band. It was a classic bass/guitar/drum/mixed vocals. We recorded a small demo, and it evolved in a three piece Magrudergrind-like a few months later.
We made a 7inch in 2011, and after a few gigs with our all time superbestfriendbootslovers Whoresnation, we record a split 10” with them in 2012.
Our friend Michol from Chiens recorded our LP in 2014. You can basically add a tour with Whoresnation between each recording session, and a few more gigs with some other friendly band like Lust for Death, Warfuck and some other dodos.

On our worst fucking nightmare week end in germany we met Per Capita, and made a 7” split with them in 2015. And here we are in 2020, with our second LP !
New album is coming after 5 years since last split with Per Capita, where were you ? what’s next ?

Well, life happened ! With some work, children and mincecore bands, we were pretty busy, so it took a nice 4 years to make the songs. I had a hard time creating new riffs, but in the end, I’m super proud of that LP.
Next is a 10 years endless tour. Or maybe just as much gigs as we can, if the covid 19 does not fuck it up all again. (spoiler alert, IT DOES FUCK EVERYTHING)

Doomsisters - Combattre leur idée de l'ordre (preorder)

The recording took place at the King of the Crust/Grind studio of north-eastern France, how was it?

Steph is a long time friend, he already played guitar on « Rien ne change » (split w/Whoresnation), recorded the 7” split w/ Per capita, and drink thousand of beers with us. It was pretty obvious that we had to go to the Disvlar Studio. He also made a terrific work on Whoresnation‘s records, getting better and better on every record he makes.

How was it ? As planned, nice sound, nice jokes, he yelled at us when we were not efficient enough and played some dodos guitar riffs. He also had to fight with an insect invasion, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t affect our work.



You are pretty active in the Vosges punk life, between ANF Festival, Memento Mori, Crustatombe… What’s all that ? Who’s doing what, when and where ?

  • About Memento Mori, back in the days, our friend Payot ( ex-bass player from superblasting gods Blockheads) was making “Seismozore”, a radio show on “Radio Gue mozot”, a former Pirate Union radio, and he left the Vosges to go to Besançon. It was our chance to have an excuse to drink beers and eating Guacamole while making silly jokes and listening to nice music.
    At first it was some kind of the Doomsisters’s show, with Mounet Mitch and Dav, but Dav’ left the show because we were making too much jokes about black metal. So our dear friend Arnaud (who, by the way, designed the first LP’s cover and a few t shirts) replaced him. Still black metal songs only, but at least he’s open to jokes ! So Memento Mori resist and vomit « punk » music since 2016, you can listen all potcast here :
    Also, it’s nice to be in so many projects beyond the band, even if we’re not rehearsing, we’re still seeing us quite often to make stuff, I really think it makes the band stronger.
  • Crustatombe was created in 2009, we found this nice name in order to organise DIY show in bars or different places who accept our noise music and antifascist attitude. We decided to support some local/friends bands with a label, give money and make « promotion/trade », This year we have reached 41 co-productions, 90% of which are vinyls.
    The adventure continues, but in this time we organise only a few shows, that’s hard to find good places and enough time.
  •  AntinationalFest (ANF) exists since 2007. It is a DIY festival that we organize every year with passion and sweat to celebrate the destruction of the French nation. Many friends participate and help us in this organization. We had very good times, with many good bands, with good memories and others much less.
    It’s actually pretty nice to set up a festival where around 250 people come to, and over this, being able to give around one thousand euros to solidarity and anti-repression movement feels reaaaally good.

Something else ! Now some people cook and do food distribution with a new collective, “Food Not Bombs” in Epinal, it’s different than organizing shows all the time and contribute to solidartity without borders.

What’s your point of view on the grind scene these days?

Super tricky question ! Its pretty difficult to talk about « the grind scene » as it’s super large, with tons of bands claiming to be part of it. How do you talk about a scene where there’s a guy in a banana suit dancing on some Gutalax shitty songs, and a super politicaly active guy ?

For our part of the scene, it’s a super active and worldwide community, and it feels great to be a part of it. A lot of nice bands, places and people.


If you put a crusty and a grindodos in a ring, who would win?

It depends on who’s the dodos and who’s the crusty.
For exemple, if you put the ex-drummer of Matrak Attak who couldn’t even play drums on an afternoon show and our friend Pibe from Whoresnation with his superpowering boots, it pretty obvious. Pibe would win even if he was eating pizza by both hands.

We tried to figure it out but couldn’t : What’s the “4” reference on the cover and the visual on the B side of the vinyl ?

It’s a question we had to ask to Flo Impure, our friend who made the cover ! We had a few request for the cover : not a Cold Mind lookalike cover (even if we’re super in love with his style, we wanted something different) and a theme « being oppressed by something you can’t even fight ».

It’s mostly jail references, the bars on one side, and a day counter on the wall on the other side. Did I mentionned that we’re super proud of this cover ? Because we are. A lot.

What is the most memorable gig/live moment you had with Doomsisters so far?

Hard to choose ! We had a super nice time at Fluff fest a few years ago, it was the first time (and only time) we played in front of so many people, a lot of friends were there and it was like a big party with stage diving all along.


What’s the worst ?

Mitch : Easy one ! I’ve been pretty lucky in my « musician life », I never had a major accident or big breakdown on tour. But It seems that life had put all the bad stuff that can happen to a band in one single week-end.
We were going to germany at the Killed System fest, with a small gig on the road, on a big van, with our buddies Geranium and Cruel Friends. After a 8 hours drive, a tire exploded while Mitch was driving, so we had to stop on the highway.
We were on a bridge, 30 kms away from the gig’s location, so a member of Cruel Friend who was already there took his van to come and get us under the bridge. We unloaded the van with trucks driving at full speed a few meters away from us, super safe idea…
We managed to go to the show with Cruel Friends, while Geranium members were waiting for the tow truck. The place was pretty packed, we played, the cops came, and stopped the show right after our set was over. Meanwhile Geranium boys were still on the highway, as the tow truck who came was too small for the van… they waited SIX HOURS on the sideway.

Usually that’s enough for a « bad week-end story », but there’s more !

On the festival morning, we had to replace the flat tire, but it was pretty impossible to take the wheel out. So we took the other van to get to the open air festival. We arrived 20 minutes before our stagetime, we threw the amps on stage and started playing. 10 minutes later, the sound guy interrupted us by yelling « guys, there’s a storm coming, we have to leave the stage really quick », 5 minutes later the wind took away a few tents and it rained on almost all the stage.
And as a small bonus, the van’s engine was a bit broke on our way back, so it took us 12 hours to get home.

Mounet : I’m really ok with Mitch about this life experience, but I have another one to mention. One time in Croatia, just before playing, I put my microphone in a garland without bulb. I felt completely knocked out. To finally see a dolphin during the night!

Mitch : I still believe that the dolphin was never there, but the cheap beer was, if you know what I mean.

Do you have side projets ?

Mitch : A lot ! For my part, I’m playing in Whales at the Crossroads, a stoner band, and I’m more or less making a post punk band with Olivia, Mounet’s girlfriend. Also, is playing badminton a side project ?
Mounet : I don’t find any time between my family, my job, the label, the radio, Food not Bombs to make a new band, but i hope before my death, I’ll play in an angry raw dbeat punk band, I thinks that’s an attainable dream.
Dav plays in mincecore master’s Grossel, they have release some good and tortured vinyls. He also played in Lust for death, a great metal crust band, who is unfortunately dead.


We’ve seen you before, but where? Old bands we must know about anyway?

Mitch : Well, I was playing in Diego Pallavas, a french punk rock band, there’s a few videos on youtube if you wanna see me in a way too small bath suit. Fun fact : my first gig ever was with Dav and Mounet’s former bands in 2005. I guess we managed to love each other since that point !
Mounet played in Killjoy, a punk hardcore band. Dav played in “Les patates volantes”, a street punk band, Flikicide, a fast punk band and Lust for Death, always as a drummer.

How is the «fast» scene in North East France, quote your fav’ bands / new bands coming around ?

There’s actually less bands and new projects around than before. Some years ago, lot of fast bands were active. Find local bands was easy. I can quote RIP bands like Affres, Lust for Death, Shaid (Nancy), Lupus Ad Mortem, Dead Shall Rise… Now you can still listen to active bands like Grossel, Whales of the Crossroads, Illegal Corpse, OldxRottenxBastard, Hello darkness.
North East France is a huge area, check other bands in Nancy, Metz, Strasbourg or Besançon.

Last question, are you really sisters ?

That’s not your problem, gender is a question from an old world and our family is watching no one, but yes, we are really sisters of the apocalypse 🙂
And of course, thank you so much for your support and your professional questions, long life to Lixiviat and death to false grinders.