Interview with Into Sickness (Grind Death Mexico DF)

“We expect to have 17/18 shows in 7 countries and that’s what we like more in Europe that the distance are not so long in between so we can tour.”

While they are going on tour for the 4th time and releasing a split tape with Warfuck, we took time to ask some questions to these lovely mexican about their band and music.

* First, can you please introduce your band : how did you start, what is/was the line-up, your discography, your past tours and what does « Into Sickness » means for you.

Since 2007 the original members of Into Sickness start with this project, Kriz Ramirez and Rogelio Navarro playing death metal and they record the first album of the band named Into Sickness in 2009 with this album/tour there was a five member deathgrind band.
After, in 2012 some changes in the band was made, we change the vocalist and Trix enter in the band and we start playing in power trio mode amd we record the Reasons To Grind Vol.1, and in April-May we toured with Onanizer from Cech Republic and we tour the Balcans.
After, in 2014 we return after OEF a summer tour with our new album Reasons to Grind Vol.2 and we toured in center Europe.
Into Sickness is a grindcore death metal band  based in Mexico City talking about the reality nowadays against politics, religion, war  and other humanity problems.

* So you’re once again in Europe, what are your expectations on this tour? When were the last times and what do you like the most in Europe ?

Yes now we return UE 2019 one month in between January and February, we expect to have 17/18 shows in 7 countries and that’s what we like more in Europe that the distance are not so long in between so we can tour.

* Can you tell us more about this new split tape INTO SICKNESS / WARFUCK to be released for this tour ?

Yes this release was planned since 2015-2016 with our good friends Warfuck when they were in Mexico tourin so the new tunes are in shape after this time we know Warfuck release more material in between so hope the people like the sound of the tape.

* We know Kriz build guitars, Roger fix guitars and is a DJ & Trixus is also a DJ but also an artist as you can see him on theater stages or in movies… So you’re all pretty active, can you tell us more about all these activities ?

Yes for sure that’s why last years we were less active with the band because other activities the workshop of Kriz with the guitar building project and he is superbusy with his project and also Roger and Trixuz are in a studio proyect  for bands and as you ask also Trix study some acting for the TV series and side proyect playing drums.

* How is the scene in Mexico DF ?

Weird sometimes you have mainstream festivals and are some of the biggest in latin america. And the underground scene is not very strong for us sometimes don’t give a shit about how many people went to our shows but our friends are always there.

* Can you introduce to the world this place called « El Bunker » ?

Well is the place when we live in Mexico city a space for rehearsal with bands few rooms for musicians the guitar workshop  and our dogs hahaha