Interview with Self Deconstruction (Freestyle Grind Tokyo)

“We express ourselves freely and unconventionally in grindcore format. […] I hope we can inspire Japanese grinders and scene will be more active in the future!”

You are playing a unique kind of grindcore that you called « freestyle grindcore », can you explain us what is it and what do you mean ?

Kuzuha(Gt): Simply speaking, it means playing songs freely, without any “stereotypes”- as you can see our appearances and guitar riffs. We express ourselves freely and unconventionally in grindcore format.

Do you have/had other bands?

Kuzuha: Sometimes I have a session with IRONFIST Tatsushima. My other bands are currently stopped.

Kubine(Vo): I did some guest vocal recently such as WARFUCK, and BUTCHER ABC but I only play in Self Deconstruction.

Jiro (Dr): I play in the other hardcore band called “BAUMKUCHEN” with the member of THINK AGAIN, NO EXCUSE and MONKEY QUARTET.

How is the grindcore scene in Tokyo?

Kuzuha: I consider the number of Japanese grindcore band is decreasing, because there is no new band and some bands are stopped or disbanded. However, Japanese gore grind scene is recently more active than grindcore scene, there are some new young bands.

I guess EARACHE-like grindcore bands in Japan are close to crust punk scene than grindcore scene.

Kubine: I think there are many good grindcore bands in Japan, but relatively unknown from overseas grindcore fans, because many bands don’t have Bandcamp page or no release for overseas, because of the language barrier.

And I also think the number of grind band is decreased. Sadly, many of my favorite grind bands are disbanded (such as Shikabane and Red Ran Amber). I hope we can inspire Japanese grinders and scene will be more active in the future!

Regarding your discography, what’s your next plans? We have heard that you will release a new CD, can you tell us more?

Kuzuha: Our next release will be Split LP with SPEED!!NOISE!!HELL!! (ex-CONGA FURY) by RSR (German label), and we will release the CD version too. We recorded new songs, old songs and cover song for this split.

We want to record and release EP next year. Now I always make songs for the EP.

Kubine: It’s not new recordings, but our latest album “WOUNDS” LP version will be released by F.O.A.D. Records and BREAK THE RECORDS (co-release) from OEF! Please buy it!

You are playing at the Obscene Extreme 2018, it will be your first time in Europe, right? Are you excited? Do you have some expectations?

Kuzuha: I am a worrier, so I am anxious than excited for OEF.
Of course, I want to enjoy myself, but the most important thing is playing songs properly during the show. It will be awesome if our show will be success!

Kubine: The most of audience have never see or don’t know ourselves, so I am definitely excited to see how the audience react during our show! Playing OEF is one of my dream. We will try our best!

Butcher ABC, Flagitious Idiosyncrazy In The Dilapidation at OEF, Speed!! Noise!! Hell!! & Birushanah at Fluff Fest… Japan is pretty hype this year, what do you think?

Kuzuha: I guess it’s good thing.
It is like open a lot of doors for Japanese extreme music scene, but it not necessarily means the number of Japanese grindcore fans will be increase Haha.

Kubine: I think so too. It is so cool many Japanese bands will tour overseas, and also many good overseas bands tour in Japan!
My friends, WORLD END MAN, COFFINS and END ALL will tour Europe soon too. Please check them out!

Which bands do you like the most at the moment and people should listen to?

Jiro: My favorite band is YxAxD from Nagano. They are so fast and awesome!

Kuzuha: There are many good bands in Japan, and I don’t know all the band in Japan….
So there is some bias maybe, but I must say current lineup of SYSTEMATIC DEATH is awesome.
My favorite bands in Japan are FIGHT IT OUT and SUNDAY BLOODY SUNDAY, and in overseas, CAVESTATE and CRYPTIC VOID.
CRASH SYNDROM and SHINDA SAIBOU NO KATAMARI are both great and new bands in Japanese underground scene.
Recently I always listen old band and Soul/Funk Stuff.

Kubine: Recently I listen Mike Patton stuff especially the Dillinger Escape Plan, Mr.Bungle and DEAD CROSS. It’s a little late, right? But I’ve never listen his stuff except for Dillinger until recently. His vocal is amazing and inspiring!

Kaala introduce many good Japanese extreme bands so please check them out!