Interview with Whoresnation (Fast Death Grind Besancon)

“We want to touch more people and in different scenes. People are mostly wrong about Grindcore, we wanna change that.”

People say you’re very fast, if we put a metronome on your music, what would be the BPM? What does it correspond ?

280 bpm average on that record probably. It matches what we’re used to do. We’ve always tried to be as fast as we can since Tonio, our drummer, joined the band. Grindcore has been extended, looks like our addition is outrageous speedness.


Your grindcore is more and more tinted with death metal, can you tell us why / how ?

You may be right. For this album we’d really had in mind to simplify riffs and songs in general while adding a hint of Death Metal. We’ve always listened to this genre, particulary our good old dodoss of a drummer. The actual scene and its amazing band (Necrot, Phrenelith, Undergang, Blood Incantation) may also have rubbed off on us.

Your last album is even more massive than the others, how did it go with the recording / mix / mastering ?

We tried to do the best we could with what we had. After writing all the song we recorded at our drummer’s, it was a short pre-production demo that happened to be really useful as a work base. We had never been that ready for a studio session thanks to this. We recorded at Disvlar Studio, ran by our friend Steph Lawansh in a nice collective house outside Besançon. We’ve always wanted to work with William Blackmon since we loved what he did with influential bands for us, like Gadget or The Arson Project. That’s why William was in charge of the Mix and Mastering, we’re very lucky having worked with him, communication was smooth and the result was really satisfying. It was our first remote mixing session ever, we were quite sceptical but this luckily turned out to be our best sound on record!

After years of DIY coproductions with many labels, why did you choose Deaf Death Husky & Throatruiner for this album ?

To be honnest, as an active touring band it’s easier to have the least label involved as possible, it’s a really down to earth stocking problem. We’ve decided to work with Deaf Death Husky records since one of us is runing the label and we thought that would be easier to provide records to our own network. Throatruiner Records might be a surprising label for Grindcore band and that’s why we asked them to release the record. We want to touch more people and in different scenes. People are mostly wrong about Grindcore, we wanna change that.

« Mephtism » being out soon, you who always tour a lot, do you have tour plans ? some ideas ?

The Mephtism campain will last longer than planned since we had been a bit optimistic schedulewise but still, we have some tours upcoming for the album promotion, we’re touring Japan in July, will follow several European tours, first one being a serious roadtrip with Warfuck in October, we’d really like to go back in the States but west coast this time, probably spring 2019. We’ll of course always be busy with one shot gigs around!Now we’re a metal band we really want to take the album promotion seriously and play it as much as we can.

How is the « scene » in your areas (shows, bands, labels…) ?

Here in Prénovel it’s rather quiet. But in Besançon there are much things going on, but rather rockish. We have also some DIY events, we are also involved in the few grindcore attacks in town under the name of Holy Grind. But to be honnest we feel closest to our grind mobster gangs in Lyon, Strasbourg or Les Vosges. The great east of France is rather active and full of cool bands.

Do you have side-projects ?

We still have some but less than before. Pibe plays in Buffet Froid (mincdegore), Disköse (raw punk), Lust For Death (Stenchcore) and Grossel (mincecore) together with Lopin who also plays in Contractions (indie rock). Tonio gets drunk, smokes weed and sporadicaly plays bass in another band.

Do you have band names that you like very much and people should know ?

There are a lot, but let’s try to focuss on actual bands : Scum Of The Earth, Ona Snop, Farsas, The Mens Toilet, Mortify, Crash Syndrom, Vomi Noir, Bad Rites, Hordür, Uhl, Satan, the whole Winnipeg Grindcore scene, Deterrence, Bongthrower. Cool bands.

Btw, who is « Rémy” from “Rémy sans patrie » ?

It’s you, it’s me, it’s everybody. You don’t chose your family, you don’t chose your country but it’s your choice. Wether you love it or you hate it. La France Pue.