RAN - Atrabilär


RAN is a power trio from Lyon & Trièves in France. This band mixes Punk, Death and Grind at variable speeds.

Recorded and mixed by the band in 2021
Mastered by Kenneth Storkas at Endless TInnitus
artwork made by Lia Vé : @lia.ve.artwork

This is their first album and it was released in 2022 on 7 Degrees, Aktiver Ausstand in Plastik, Bizarre Leprous, Crapoulet, Destroy it Yourself, Fresh Outbreak, Lixiviat , Loner Cult, Nihilocus, No Gods No Masters, Pasidaryk Pats.

It includes members from Civilian Thrower, Lovgun, Hordur, Salo, Rip it Up…

Atrabilär by RAN

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