MooM / God's America - Split


MooM / God’s America’s new split

Short, fast & furious powerviolence meeting beyond borders.
Available right now on 7′ black wax & white limited edition.
Released in August 2019MooM / GOD’S AMERICA Split by MooM


I’m pretty sure you already know them, they play a mix of fast punk / powerviolence and sludgy hardcore and they’re from Tel Aviv, Israël, which is not commun.
This is their 4th EP and they will be on tour in September 2019 in Europe (after Go! Fest in Rome) with Gewoon Fuckin Raggen, don’t miss them, you won’t be disappointed !

With members of Not On Tour, The Orions, Zaga Zaga…
FFO : Infest, Spazz, Weekend Nachos…

God’s America

In the other side, God’s America is a Powerviolence band from Las Vegas, not as shinny as the city but definitely louder and heavier! An ideal mix of grindcore, modern hardcore and fast hardcore.
FFO : Sex Prisoner…

MooM / GOD’S AMERICA Split by MooM

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Black, White (limited edition)

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