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Huge distro update from Relapse Records !

Classic replenishment from Relapse Records with awesome discs such as : Nasum, Cryptopsy, Exhumed, Darkthrone, Necrophagist, Antigama, Call of The Void, Noisear, Noisem, Full of Hell, Murder Construct, The Drip… Do yourself a favor, invest in blast beats!...

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ON TOUR en Janvier!

ON TOUR ! Ta distro préférée sera en tournée fin Janvier, ou comment dépenser ton argent de noël sans les frais de port : 18/01/18: Dijon @ Les Tanneries w/ Warfuck, Hørdür & LOVGUN 19/01/18: Besançon @ PDZ w/ Warfuck, Hørdür & LOVGUN 20/01/18: Lausanne CH...

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New Arrivals & Restock!

This is a "back to basics" new arrival and restock from discs we have listened a lot thanks to Bones Brigade Records, Grinding Rebellion Records & more, welcome to: The best disc ever recorded by Chiens (and a super cover from Jubs Contraseptik Tatoo), the...

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LIXIVIAT Records has reared its ugly head to the world!

We are pleased to present you with our new record label! As fans of alternative & extreme music, our aim is to distribute and promote records that we feel passionate about. In our e-store you will find an eclectic variety of artists from different styles. On tap are a...

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