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ONA SNOP's new album GEEZER

It’s time for GEEZER, the debut LP from loveable idiots ONA SNOP.

Out this summer.

We provide the foul soundtrack for a burning world.

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New arrivals of the finest violence from England

While we are packing and shipping all the pre-orders, we received some very heavy stuff from Leeds, Liverpool and Leicester !! Let us introduce you to : -Famine - Razzin' 12" : First Full length of this crazy trio, between grindcore and powerviolence -Ona Snop /...

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Youth Avoiders (Fr) Lp Restock

We have just received some LPs from Youth Avoiders (Ultra fast hardcore punk from Paris), so glad to have these two killer albums! The new one is sick! check them...

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Samedi 05 Mai, Mauvaise ambiance à GZ

Le Chenil propose un chouette après-midi où se rincer les yeux et les oreilles avec différents stands : -DISTROS/LABELS -EXPLICATION, VISITE et PROPAGANDE DU CHANTIER DE LA FUTURE SALLE DE GRRRND ZERO                                       -FLASHS TATTOO -MICRO-ÉDITION...

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Interview with WHORESNATION

"We want to touch more people and in different scenes. People are mostly wrong about Grindcore, we wanna change that." People say you’re very fast, if we put a metronome on your music, what would be the XXX? What does it correspond ? 280 bpm...

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ONA SNOP’s new album GEEZER

NEW ANNOUCEMENT! ONA SNOP’s new album GEEZER will be out this summer through LIXIVIAT Records! As contrived and absurd as it seemed, we all knew that this day would eventually come. Refrigerate the Holstens, draw for the baggie, bust out the mustard, and...

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Interview with LØVVE

"We all know, with our experience, that a band's life always goes really fast so we acted quickly rather than letting things drag on." Quick introduction, where are you from ? what are your other bands ? How did you decide "we're gonna make a...

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This is it! WARFUCK’s new album THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN will be released on May 14th 2018 through LIXIVIAT Records. The french power duo grindcore band, touring like maniacs around the world since 2012, take dishes out unrelenting, hi-speed...

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Huge distro update from Relapse Records !

Classic replenishment from Relapse Records with awesome discs such as : Nasum, Cryptopsy, Exhumed, Darkthrone, Necrophagist, Antigama, Call of The Void, Noisear, Noisem, Full of Hell, Murder Construct, The Drip… Do yourself a favor, invest in...

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ON TOUR en Janvier!

ON TOUR ! Ta distro préférée sera en tournée fin Janvier, ou comment dépenser ton argent de noël sans les frais de port : 18/01/18: Dijon @ Les Tanneries w/ Warfuck, Hørdür & LOVGUN 19/01/18: Besançon @ PDZ w/ Warfuck, Hørdür & LOVGUN 20/01/18: Lausanne CH...

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New Arrivals & Restock!

This is a "back to basics" new arrival and restock from discs we have listened a lot thanks to Bones Brigade Records, Grinding Rebellion Records & more, welcome to: The best disc ever recorded by Chiens (and a super cover from Jubs Contraseptik Tatoo), the...

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