Deletär - s/t (1st album)


Deletär is a french d-beat hardcore punk band from St-Etienne / Lyon. The first album from the french rockers is just out. Get ready for 10 tracks of pummeling d-beat hardcore in the likes of Totalitär, Skitkids, Herätys and the likes, with some slight stadium rock to Burning Spirits elements. Lyrical content in french deals with social and political problems of our time. Ex and current members of State Poison, Litige, Vomit for Breakfast, Moms on Meth, Lost Boyz…  recorded and mixed this on their own, got it mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Never give up the D-Beat !

Release in October 2019 by Kick Rock & Destructure.

S/T 12″ by DELETÄR

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